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Journeys Common Core package G2.2 (SB+Workbook with Audio CD)
판매가격 : 27,200원
소비자가격 : 34,000
적립금 :272
상품상태 :신상품
제품코드 :9780544810150
원산지 :초등학생 저학년~초등학생 고학년
제조사 :Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
National/State :National
구성 :Hardcover(1)+Workbook with CD(1)
구매수량 :
총 금액 :
 본 도서는 Journeys Common Core의 분권도서로 Studentbook + Workbook with CD(본책 오디오시디아님) 으로 구성된 제품으로 비닐패킹되어 있습니다.

Journeys Common Core is a K–6 reading program with rigorous Common Core instructional design. The unique close reading routine builds better readers while also providing intervention for struggling students. Easy organization, proven instruction and exceptional differentiation set Journeys Common Core apart as the Common Core reading curriculum of choice for educators across the nation.
Journeys Common Core in your classroom
  • Common Core-based instruction integrated into every unit and lesson
  • Digital learning tools, including mobile apps and interactive whiteboard lessons
  • Scaffolding and differentiation to meet the needs of all students



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